Yogananda Lake Shrine

My wife Marie and I visited the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine last week. It was Marie’s first time there and my second visit. For over 60 years I was firm believer that you carry the universe with you and a physical place is only just that. But my beliefs changed on my first visit to this amazing haven of peace.

Paramahansa Yogananda introduced Yoga to the west in 1920 and  published “Autobiography of A Yogi” in 1946, forever changing the lives of millions of people for the better. It is an amazing read, and whether or not you find yourself believing all of it, it is very difficult to not be affected by it. Swami Yogananda founded the Lake Shrine in 1950 and his presence is still felt there today.

The shrine is located just above Sunset Beach in the Malibu area and money is almost literally oozing from every corner of the neighborhood. Rolls Royces and Bentleys are commonplace and the average “grocery getter” is a high end Audi or Range Rover. Against this gaudy material backdrop the Lake Shrine offers a retreat from it all into a lush and verdant garden surrounding a small idyllic lake. There are many benches, alcoves, and hidden spots to sit and meditate or to just soak in the beauty. There is also a beautiful monument to Mahatma Ghandi that contains a portion of his funeral ashes

If ever you have the opportunity, treat yourself with a visit to this wonderful place. One piece of advice; thousands of folks from all over the globe come here, so getting there early is advisable. Not that it’s overly crowded, they just have a small parking lot so it fills up quickly and auxiliary parking is a bit far flung.

Yes, this is a physical place, but the effects it has on you have nothing to do with where you are, but more, why you are.


Skip Jensen

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