Happy 10th Birthday Yoga Soleil!

This weekend marks the 10th Birthday of Yoga Soleil so we are celebrating our birthday for the whole month of September.

I wanted to take just a moment to recognize Anne Arntson for the eight years of hard work and dedication it took to bring our community into existence, and nurture it into a loving and fully formed place for all of us to do yoga. Heidi and I are extremely grateful to Anne for her efforts, and for her graciousness during the transition. We have made every effort to make the last year and a half as easy and comfortable for all of the students who have practiced here for years, but like Bob Dylan said, the times they are a changing and the next six months will see some exciting changes at Yoga Soleil.

We started with the additional soundproofing in the wall adjoining the beauty salon. This weekend, we will be replacing all of the studio “Loaner” mats with brand spanking new ones, and the launch of our brand new website.

Watch for our regular newsletter on Monday. It will be absolutely full of new workshops, some new teachers, and September birthday specials. We will also announce the date of our 10th Birthday celebration day in early October.

Thank you all for your continued support and dedicated yoga practice at Yoga Soleil.

~Skip Jensen

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