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Online Streaming Classes Are Now Live!!

Yoga Soleil is now offering a limited schedule of online classes using the Zoom platform for streaming. We ask that you try to join the class 10-15 minutes before the start time so there is an opportunity to solve any sound/video problems you might encounter.

If you are familiar with Zoom, sign up on MindBody Online then click on the direct link for the appropriate class below.

If you are not familiar with Zoom, there are a few easy hoops to jump through to set yourself up for online classes, but after all, you do yoga so you should be able to negotiate a few hoops easily! Click Here to see the Online Class info page with Zoom instructions

Yoga Soleil (along with every other yoga studio) are in a fight for our lives. We are asking for your support of the studio and the teachers whose income depends on Yoga. There are several ways you can help us;

The online classes are free, but if you have a class card or membership, we ask that you use them for the online classes. If you do not want to use them for the online classes, just email us and we will pause your account, and you can attend the classes for free. Just remember that without your support, the studio may not be here when the dust settles.

If you do not currently have a class card or membership and want to support us, you can buy one online. We have added a $10 Online Drop-in for those that just want one class at a time.

Tell your friends and family members about our online classes. They do not have to live in the Puyallup area to be able to be taught by our great teachers. The more exposure the studio gets the better.

IMPORTANT: Beginning Monday, May 18, all students MUST be signed up on MindBodyOnline before they can attend class. 

If you are in dire financial straits due to COVID-19 or any other reason, please email us at and we will set you up with a Covid Karma pass. It will be be good for four free classes per month.

The meeting id and passwords will change and no longer be published on the website. The link and password will be sent via the confirmation email.


9:15 AM- Mindful Yoga w/Meditation with Anne- Online Streaming

Direct Class Link:
Meeting ID: 856 9831 1188
Password: See Confirmation Email

6:00 PM- All Levels Alignment with Heidi- Online Streaming
Direct meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 572 523 886
Password: See Confirmation Email

9:15 AM- Subtle Body Alignment with Heidi

Direct Class Link:
Meeting ID: 399 314 288
Password: See Confirmation Email

6:00 PM- Ashtanga with Lacey- Online Streaming
Direct Class Link:
Meeting ID: 258 458 314
Password: See Confirmation Email

9:15 AM- Healthy Back with Sandi- Online Streaming
Direct Class Link:
Meeting ID: 226 954 972
Password: See Confirmation Email

6:00 PM- Level 1 Alignment with Bonnie- Online Streaming
Direct meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 373 985 184
Password: See Confirmation Email

9:15 AM- Gentle Yoga with Kelsey-Online Streaming
Direct Class Link:
Meeting ID: 254 038 699
Password: See Confirmation Email

6:00 PM- Yin Yoga with Lacey-Online Streaming
Direct Class Link:
Meeting ID: 955 532 849
Password: See Confirmation Email

7:30 PM- Y12SR, The Yoga of Recovery
Direct Class Link: 
Meeting ID: 976 301 789
Password: See Confirmation Email

9:15 AM- Mindful Movement with Dana- Online Streaming
Direct Class Link:
Meeting ID: 359 890 500
Password: See Confirmation Email

10:00 AM- Gentle Flow with Kelsey
Direct Meeting Link:
Meeting ID: 835 163 271
Password: See Confirmation Email

10:30 PM- Community Class with Ga-Hsin
Direct Class Link:
Meeting ID: 945 844 098
Password: See Confirmation Email


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“I have been a chronic knee pain sufferer from patella tendon issues for years now. While I love to run, genetically speaking, I didn’t hit the jackpot and as such, can not run pain free or sit for long periods of time without knee pain (and I’m only 26). I haven’t been able to run pain free for roughly 7 months now and have done multiple stints of physical therapy in an attempt to rehab. Since joining Yoga Soleil, I have been able to return to running slowly and pain free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Courtney L.


“Our sweet baby boy was born on September 8th. His big sister and big brother are very proud. I thank Yoga Soleil and my prenatal yoga experiences (throughout all my pregnancies) for wonderful births and calm, happy babies.”

Brittany R.


“ People here are all nice and it seems like this studio has a lot of happy regulars that have gotten to know each other by stopping in regularly. The vibe is friendly and down to earth, no one looking down on beginners here, just a Do Your Best atmosphere! ”

Carolyn L.


“A wonderful community yoga studio built with love and outstanding craftsmanship. Owner, Anne Arntson is a top-notch yoga teacher with a combination of integrity, heart, skill and lots of training. This studio is a jewel in the midst of downtown Puyallup.”

Jeni M.


“This yoga studio is the best. The yoga instructors have gentle souls and knowledge of “yoga” and the human body, mind and soul. After participating in a class, I’m ready to engage with the world outside of the studio.”

Linda W.

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At Yoga Soleil, we believe in the ability of Yoga to heal the body, mind, and spirit…

… and thereby enhance and improve daily life, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, physical strengths or weaknesses. We are a Yoga Studio that teaches all levels of traditional Yoga and encourage our students to learn and practice at their own pace and ability.

We celebrate community and strive to create a place where individuals from all walks of life, can come together to feel included, safe, and part of our Yoga community in an environment that supports learning, growing, inclusion, laughter, friendship and of course…. Love.

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